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     Tale of the shadow the 1st War of Shadows..... Long ago in a time of shadows..... During the age of darkness the world of man stood on the brink of destruction.. Creatures of darkness came forth from the shadows to cause chaos and destruction... these creatures ,called "The Shades" or simply "Shadows", were demonic entities from the Shadow Lands....... a place of death and darkness that exists outside our world yet connected to it in dark places.... these formless, Shapeless creatures drain the light of the human soul for sustenance..... leaving behind an empty shell, The soul lost to the swirling howling darkness of the void..... before long the "Shades" learned to inhabit these shells and mankind faced a new danger these people became known as being "infected" with shadows the "infected" raged across the lands of men brining us to the brink of extinction.... Then came the time of the 1st Shadow Blade..... now known only as Lady Shadow she was a scholar from distant lands, she discovered that if the shadow world was connected to our world and the Shades could cross into our world then so to could we cross into theirs...... she made her way to the shadow world and faced many perils when she returned her mind was broken and she was on the verge of death but in her hand she clutched a mysterious black rock "Shadow Ore" she called it she said the world of the shades was not a formless void but that instead it was a dark twisted mirror image of our world.... and that the lands of this world were littered with the Rock she held in her hand the master blacksmiths took the ore and forged it into the Blade of a sword.... the blade could kill the shades "infecting" the corpses and send them back to the void...... that day the shadow blades were born......
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